Seasonal Goals|Summer 2016

Hi everyone!

You may remember, that last season I wrote a post about my Spring Seasonal Goals. I really enjoyed writing it as it allowed me to plan out what I want to achieve within the next three months, and you all really enjoyed reading it therefore I am going to share my Summer goals for 2016!

Finish my Exams

As you all may know, in England Year 11’s are taking their GCSEs which are extremely important and this year, its my turn to take them. Honestly, they have been going really well, I think I’ve done well in all 10 exams I have done so I am very happy. Yes, I have been very stressed out and cried once or twice, but thats expected due to how important they are. I have six exams left, and the last one is on June 17th. Therefore, for the first part of this season of summer, I want to continue to put in lots of effort with my revision as it is really paying off, and continue having a positive mindset about the exams. I also receive the results at the end of this summer- August 25th so thats exciting!

Take more photos

I love taking photos, and I am the type of person who loves to hoard things so they can look back on memories in the future. This summer, I really want to take more photos of nature, things I’m doing as well as myself, family and friends. I really want to capture some amazing moments so I can look back and smile upon all the fun times I had in the summer. In my room, I have lots of photo frames with quite old photos from 2014/2015 and I think its time for me to update them, so summer is the perfect opportunity to get some great photos!

Adventure in Turkey

In July, I am going to Turkey with my family. I am so excited as I have never been before so its going to be fun exploring a new place. Usually, on holiday, I like to relax by the pool and really just have a very relaxing time. Although that sounds amazing and I will be doing that, I have almost three months off school due to finishing early from the exams, therefore I will have a lot of time to relax. In Turkey, I want to go outside the hotel more, explore the towns nearby and go on walks by the beach. I think it will allow me to create so many more fun memories in Turkey, I cannot wait!

Get outside my comfort zone

As I’m 16, I am becoming more mature and I have a little more freedom as I have the responsibility to be able to stay out for longer and go further away. As I am quite a homey person, I get a bit nervous straying far away from my home to places I haven’t been before or am unfamiliar with. This Summer, I really want to go to new places with friends, family or even on my own! I think it will make me a lot more confident and I may discover some amazing places that I will fall in love with!

Spend more time with friends and family

Due to the exams, I have been isolating myself a bit from friends as we have all been revising hard as well as my family as I just needed to study! Now that the exams are almost over, I am determined to start spending more time with them. I want to go out a lot more with my friends as soon I won’t need to keep writing revision notes and I will be able to go out with my family as I won’t need to keep doing more practise exams! I am looking forward to spending more time with the people who are supporting me through my exams and soon I really want to return all the effort back and spend so much time with them all!

I hope you enjoyed reading what I plan to accomplish this summer, I love writing my seasonal goals as they allow me to plan out what I want to achieve and will always remind me too! It also gets you all thinking of what YOU want to do this summer!

Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | B L O G L O V I N’ | L A S T P O S T| S P R I N G G O A L S


14 thoughts on “Seasonal Goals|Summer 2016

    1. Thank you! Thats why I write them, it just makes me so motivated and excited for the months ahead! Congratulations with the end of your exams, I’m sure we’ve all been a bit distant from everyone but its exciting of all the time we have ahead! Thank you so much for the luck! 🙂 xx

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  1. I loved this post! I’m hearing on the 16th of June if I passed my exams and graduated or not… SCARY. But you revise in Summer? In your holiday? That seems weird to me haha, we never get homework for after Summer (: Good luck for your last exams!

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