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Hi Everyone!

As you can probably notice, I do love to take photos. I love to have at least one photo in every blog post I make as well as posting photos on my social media. Lots of you lovely people have said how much you like my photos and have asked how I take them, therefore today I thought I would show you all. I am no means of an expert, I have no fancy equipment, no high end photography apps or any experience in taking photos. I just think, overtime with blogging, you have an eye for what looks good, I still have a long way to go with my photos. But I thought I would share how I take and edit my photos!

Currently, the ‘theme’ of photos for my blog and Instagram are simple, white and clean. I really like this as I find its quite effective and pleasing to look at. Its nice and easy to take photos of objects, however sometimes it is quite difficult to fins white backgrounds if you are taking full length photos of yourself- but I manage!



As I mentioned, I have no fancy camera equipment. I just use the camera on my Iphone5S. This camera is really good, it focuses very well and you can adjust the lighting. If you take photos on your phone, I suggest you look up all the features and how it works to make your photos as good as possible!



When I take a photo, I have to have the background ready. I have this large, white insert thats actually meant to be part of my wardrobe, but came off! Its crazy how something so random will work with your photos. If you don’t have a background you want, you could buy some card with the pattern you want or a slab of the material. I also use this white throw from Primark which I think really makes the background look less two dimensional. I place these on the floor, in front of my window to let natural light hit it. Always use natural light-its always the best to use with photos!


I next find the things i want to take photos of, it may be some makeup items, flowers, food-pretty much anything. I then hold my phone up and position how I would take the photo. I then arrange the objects how I like and what I think looks best when looking at the screen of my phone. It does sometimes take a while to get the perfect photo. A lot of rearranging goes on, but its worth it in the end. As you can see below, these six makeup items can be positioned in so many ways!



I do all my editing on Instagram. I never used any of the editing tools- only the filters. But now, I couldn’t live without them! To make my photos look whiter and brighter, I will increase the highlights and the brightness. If this makes the items look a bit faded, I will increase the saturation ever so slightly so the picture isn’t too yellow. I will then change the shadows and contrast of the photo. Sometimes I will increase them and other times I will decrease them- to all depends on the photo. When I have finished editing the photo on Instagram, I will screenshot them and crop them in my photo album!

Original Image
Brightness and Highlights Increased
Contrast and Shadows Increased
Cropping the photo
Final Image!

So that is how I edit my Instagram and blog photos! I am really enjoying having a clean, fresh and white theme, but I may be changing it up in the future depending on seasons and things like that! Do no feel like you have to stick to one certain style or theme of photography- its meant to be pleasing to you so make it your own!

I hope this step by step guide has helped you all and you enjoyed reading it as I know a lot of you were interested in my photos! Comment how you edit your photos and if there are any apps you use that you couldn’t live without when editing your photos!

Tash x

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20 thoughts on “Blog Photos: How&Editing

  1. your photos are always so great, this was honestly super helpful because I always thought you used a fancy camera or something but you use the same thing I do, an iPhone 5s. totally using these tricks!

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  2. Thank You!! Literally amazing post … I was a little surprised when I found out that you use an iPhone 5s! It’s really cool that you show people they don’t have to buy a really expensive DSLR camera to take really good looking blog photos ..

    Also the one website I use to edit my photos is “picmonkey”

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  3. I never have time to edit my photos very much XD
    But i’ll usually use aviary as it gives me a lot of control over how I want the image to look, or I’ll sometimes use some of the instagram filters
    Nice post! Your photos always look so professional and polished, it’s amazing how good phone cameras are now =)

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    1. Thank you so much! I used to look at all the professional photos on other blogs thinking I would have to get a proper camera the day my blog starts to kick off, but I cant believe how good my camera phone is, it shows you d0n’t need all that fancy equipment to get a good picture! 🙂

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  4. Your photos always look so great! I wish I had a better phone, otherwise I’d take all my blog photos on it instead of my real camera (bc it’s such a pain – import into laptop from SD card, send to iPod, edit, then send back to laptop to put into blog post *sighs*) My least favourite is arranging makeup products bc I swear the cylindrical items ALWAYS ROLL AWAY FROM ME AND DON’T FACE UP. *struggles* XD

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