Tash Travels: Carry on essentials

Hi Everyone!

As its summer, lots of us are jetting off to different countries to have a nice holiday. I’m going on holiday to Turkey, in TWO DAYS! Its come around so fast which means packing can be quite daunting and stressful for some people. Therefore, I wanted to share what I bring in my carry on to give you all some ideas of what to do on those long plane or coach journeys!



As I am going to be in the airport for a while and will be carrying around bags, suitcases and electronics- my hands will be pretty full. Therefore, I decided on a backpack as it means I would have both my hands free. I actually previously didn’t own a back pack so earlier this month I took a trip to primark to find one. They had a really nice selection but I decided on this brown one which was only Β£10! It has a inside zip pocket which is really useful for all my important things such as my phone. I love the detailing on the front of the back pack and the clip is really good and secure so nothing of mine can fall out or get stolen! It also has poppers on both sides of the pack meaning I can make it a little but bigger if I need to fit anything else in!



To get to Turkey, its going to take four hours on a plane. My electronics are essential as they have all my favourite apps, videos and everything else I need. I bring my phone as although I cannot text while up in the air, I like to use it while I’m at the airport to talk to my friends before I go as well as to contact them while I’m on holiday too. I also bring my iPad. I don’t use this until I’m actually on the plane so I can save all its battery for the journey. I have downloaded some movies and books on here so I can spend some time entertaining myself. I don’t bring my laptop as its too expensive to lose or get damaged- and I don’t really have much need for it while on holiday. I also bring some headphones and earphones just so I can listen to music and videos. I like to bring both of these as if one gets a bit uncomfortable, I can swap them for the other ones.



On holiday, I read so much. Two years ago, I brought the first five books from Harry Potter on holiday with me and I read all of them twice meaning I read 10 books- its just because I have so much time! One book I am bringing is ‘Girl Online: On Tour’ as SOMEHOW I haven’t read it yet as I only purchased earlier this week! Another book I am bringing with me is ‘Frankinstien’ only as it’s my summer reading for sixth form english literature- what better place to read a book than on holiday?! I also bring my adult colouring book and pencils. I love colouring as it is really relaxing and just passes the time!




When travelling, I am sure to bring my purse with me. Firstly, when I’m at the airport, I am probably in duty free for about an hour. Everything is just a lot cheaper than the shops so I think I might as well make the most of it! Also, I bring money if I want to buy any snacks for the plane- my family have a tradition of buying two huge bags of mini dairy milk bars on holiday so I always have some change on me! I also bring money in the currency of the country I am visiting as I always buy something to remember the country by such as a bracelet or magnet. Also, in turkey they have lots of shops so I’m planning on doing a little bit of damage to my purse haha!



My makeup is probably one of the most precious things I bring with me on holiday apart from my electronics. This is as it is an essential to me as I use it everyday and they are very fragile. Therefore, I always have my makeup bag in my carry on to prevent it getting smashed or exploding in my suitcase. Its also useful as I can always touch up my makeup on the way. I suggest pack your makeup in a makeup bag which is fairly clear, this means you won’t have to take it all out and put it all in a plastic bag at airport security.



I am always sure to pack a pair of sunglasses in my carry on. This is as although it may not be sunny when you depart, it is probably going to be very sunny when you arrive at your destination. My sunglasses are from Primark, they are really good quality considering they were only Β£2 and they also came with a sleeve too! I also pack my normal glasses which I need to see long distances. This is just so I can see clearly and read signs at the airport and things like that. I also don’t want to lose them, so its best to have them on my person at all times!



For someone who is constantly hungry, food is a necessity for when travelling. I’m not a huge fan of aeroplane food- I think its because the plane is so high up it effects our senses (science?). Also, sometimes the food on planes are quite expensive-so Id rather buy my own. I always pack some mints so my breath is fresh and it also calms me down if I feel nervous. I will also bring some other snacks like chocolate and anything else I fancy!


I hope you all liked this post and its given you some tips and ideas of what to bring in your carry on bags when you go on holiday! I hope you all have a lovely holiday, let me know where all of you have been or are going on holiday this year!

Tash x

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28 thoughts on “Tash Travels: Carry on essentials

    1. Thank you! My brother bought it for me while I was doing my GCSEs and it was really nice and relaxing! I really suggest getting one, its nice to sometimes have some time off anything electronic and just colour in pictures! x


  1. I really enjoyed this post, your purse is so cute! I also had to read Frankenstein for English Literature when I started sixth form and I really hated it haha! So I seriously hope you don’t feel the same xx

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