GCSE Results!

This year, on the 25th of August, I went to my school to collect my GCSE results. For the past year I had been waking up at 6am every morning to attend as many revision sessions, enrichments and classes I could in order to feel prepared and do well in my exams. For those of you not from the UK, or just do not know the concept of GCSEs, they are the exams you take when you are 16 years old, which determine what you will do with the last two years of your education. If you do well, you can go to a college, sixth form or apprenticeshipΒ of your choice- if you do not, your options are slightly more limited. (So no pressure!)

On the morning of results day, I was so nervous- literally, I had never been so nervous in my life! Although I knew I had worked my hardest and I couldn’t change what results that were printed on the paper in my envelope- it still didn’t help my nerves! After a dance party to my Spotify playlist while brushing my teeth (this always calms me down for some reason- I did it before every exam- think its something to do with using up all the nervous energy!) it was time to go to collect the results!


I arrived at school at 9:30am, which is the earliest I’ve been up all summer holidays and was given my envelope. I was shaking with nerves and slight excitement and peaked in the envelope as saw the following results;

  • English Literature – A*
  • English Language- A
  • Maths- A
  • Science Core- A
  • Science Additional- A
  • Religion- A*
  • Geography- A
  • Computing- A
  • Business Studies- A
  • Physical education- A
  • Spanish- B

I have never been so proud of myself before, all the hard work, flashcards, crying and revision sessions paid off! There is nothing more rewarding than this- working your absolute hardest and receiving the reward you are happy with! For those of you who haven’t taken your GCSEs or other important exams yet- good luck and work as hard as you can as it means you can be proud of your results as you couldn’t have done any better! For those of you who got your results, I really hope you got the results you wanted- even if not, these grades don’t define you in any way, what you do with them and how you move forward shoes your work ethic and determination!


I hope you enjoyed reading my results- I know lots of you wanted to hear about it and what it felt like to go and collect them, it’s a very exciting and eventful day! I would love to hear all about your results if you got them on the 25th in the comments! Thank you for reading!

Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | T W I T T E R | L A S T P O S T



92 thoughts on “GCSE Results!

    1. Thank you so much Elm! I remember all our comments in capitals of how stressed we were- but here we are! Well done with your results too- they are amazing!! What are you doing for the next two years? What subjects are you taking? xx

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      1. I’m doing English Lit, Psychology, Geography and ICT. I’ve never done Psychology before, have you? I had to chose it instead of biology as it wouldn’t work in my timetable, but it looks really interesting!

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  1. Well done! So well deserved and along with studying hard you still managed to continue on with your blog! Great results :)!! So proud, congratulations xx

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  2. Well done! What’s your next plan? Sixth form? I’ve just finished sixth form and am now moving onto University in a couple of weeks. Nerve-wrecking to say the least. You must have worked very hard. Well done!

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    1. Thank you! My next plan is to go to sixth form and study English Literature, Phycology, Geography and ICT. Congrats on finishing sixth form- what university are you going to? What are you planning to study? I’m sure you will do amazingly, good luck!

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  3. Well done tash you done amazing! Reading blogposts and watching videos about everyones results is making me want to work on my work :)) all the best for your next years at school x

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  4. That is absolutely incredible!! You have the right to be incredibly proud of yourself! What you’ve achieved is huge! Everyone seems to be getting A* – makes me wish I studied harder ahah! Got a C, B and A (sat a year early though). πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much! I am very lucky to be honest as I pick up and understand things very easily, but I did revise SO MUCH- my Dad said after my exams it was the first time he had properly seen me since I started revising in February haha! But congratulations on your results! I only took 1 subject a year early last year- I don’t think I could have done three! Good luck with all your future exams! x

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad it’s motivated you, my advice would just work as hard as you can and if you have any coursework or anything like that- get that done by Easter or even February so you have all your time just to revise! Good luck! x

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  5. Well done!! I am started mine this year, and I think I have taken subjects that are really hard- geography, history, psychology and business! So let’s see what will happen then x
    Amy xx

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