Seasonal Goals|Autumn 2016

Although Autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 22nd of September this year in the UK, as soon as I tick the last day of August off my calendar- I consider it Autumn. Despite the fact here in the UK, we complain about the weather pretty much every day and are longing for Summer all year, I am looking forward to the upcoming season meaning it’s time for my ‘Seasonal Goals’ blog post. For those of you who haven’t read one of these posts before, at the beginning of each season, I like to blog my goals of which I would like to accomplish over the next three months. I have done this for both the seasons of Spring and Summer– so now it’s time for Autumn!


Discover the outdoors

Personally, I believe that Autumn is the most beautiful season. The bright green leaves start to fade to oranges and golds which pile through the pathways of woodland walks and parks, waking up in the morning to a bright, golden sunlight and going to sleep with sparkling stars in the inky black sky. I want to explore more of it this season. I want to go on a spontaneous walk through the woods with no destination or reason for going (maybe just google maps on my phone in case if I lose my bearings!). Even just a walk around the neighbourhood or a walk to the local shops just so I’m not staying in the house too much, as there will be many days spending in the house when the Autumn rain and wind start to hit the UK, so I might as well make the most of the good weather.

Start the school year with a ‘bang’

On the 6th of September, I start sixth from college at my school. I worked extremely hard in my five years of secondary school which all paid off as I was rewarded with 2 A*s, 8A’s and 1 B in my GCSEs which is my biggest achievement ever! This season, I want to get straight into school and work extremely hard. This means I can stay on top of all my work, stay organised and stay on track to getting as good results in my AS exams next year! I hope to start off well in all my subjects and get some good results in my Mocks!

Spend less time online

Like most teenagers, I spend a large part of my daily life online. But this season, I don’t want to be scrolling through Instagram for hours on end- I want to be doing something different. I want to read new books in front of the fire, laugh at films with my brother and get out all the old board games with my family and scream with laughter over every game. In November, my family and I are spending a weekend away in a Woodland resort in the UK, in this time, I plan to have a bit of a social media detox. I may not go online at all- or maybe for only an hour a day. I just want to experience spending more time with family and living in the present- rather than living online.

Enjoy upcoming events

Autumn, for me, is the most eventful season of the year. I have lots of friends and families birthday celebrations to enjoy, including my own! As well as other events such as starting sixth form college, or enjoying Guy Fawkes night on November 5th. This season I really want to make the most of all these exciting dates on my calendar and make some fabulous memories to look back on.

Have fun with autumn fashion

Autumn has to be one of my favourite times when regarding fashion. I love the scarves, burgundy and oversized cardigans, but I actually never end up exploring all these fashions by trying them out myself as I feel too self-conscious. Over the next three months, I want to wear that scarf that I normally wouldn’t dare to wear or throw on that coat I don’t think I could ever pull off. It’s all about having fun (and staying warm!) so I would like to do that in some fun, pretty outfits!

These are five things that I hope to achieve or improve this season- I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe it’s made you think of what you want to achieve this Autumn!

-Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | T W I T T E R | L A S T P O S T




45 thoughts on “Seasonal Goals|Autumn 2016

  1. I love this post! I have just started gcse, and I an determined to get my head down. I am not happy with my science class but I will get the help I need.

    Amy xx

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    1. Thank you! Good luck with your GCSEs! If you need help with science, for my first science GCSE, I watched youtube videos on the channel “freesciencelessons”. They are really amazing and the videos are the reason why I got an A! So if you feel like you haven’t learnt enough in your lesson, or want to revise, I really recommend their videos! xx

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  2. Loved reading this post as always, I’m really looking forward to autumn fashion- the thick fluffy parkas, tartan scarves, cute little ankle boots with cable knit tights, it’s just all so cosy and comfortable! Good luck with sixth form and well done on your GCSE’s, those results are amazing! 🙂 x x

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    1. Thank you! I had one set of proper mocks in Year 10 which were about halfway through the year I think? I remember I got 7 As (which were a mixture of stars, pluses and minus) and then 2 Bs. I was really happy with them and to be honest with you, I didn’t revise for them hardly- which I know is bad but I was SO busy with all my coursework and as that as part of my grade I focused more on that! However, I did revise for my religion exam, no idea why I only revised that but I got a really good result in that! For your mocks, don’t stress yourself out too much as teachers will do that for you! They will say it’s your experience for the ‘real thing’ but just do a bit of revision like flashcards and going through your school books and you will be fine! The mocks are actually pretty useful as you can see what subjects you need to work harder on. But make sure if you have any controlled assessments or coursework you do them first and prioitze them as they count for a lot of your final GCSE! xx

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      1. Thank you! I think we have controlled assessments but no course work as I’m doing the new 1-9 GCSE – why do they have to confuse us like this!! I won’t worry about my mocks then too soon – I was planning on starting revising for them in December😂❤️

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      2. Poor you with the new system! My brother is on the new system too! Good luck with your mocks and controlled assessments. I suggest with your mocks, just revise between 2-4 weeks before they start, but just light revision! If you need any more advice or any help when the mocks approach, feel free to email me!☺️❤️

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  3. Nice post!
    My favourite things about autumn are the colours (especially burgundy) and hearing the rain at night. I start school tomorrow and I’m really nervous (I have no idea why).
    Good luck at yr sixth form college

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    1. Thank you! Yes, burgundy is my FAVOURITE around Autumn time! I always feel nervous before the first day of school too, even though it’s the same school and friends- so don’t worry! After the first day and week, you will feel like you’re back to normal! Thank you, good luck to you too! x


    1. Thank you! Literally I love wearing fluffy socks (I’m literally wearing some right now haha!) and thick jumpers are the best because they are so cosy, you feel like you’re still in your pyjamas! xo


  4. Love this post! Totally agree on the outdoorsy bit. Autumn is my favourite season, it’s so lovely going out for walks and day trips. Congratulations on your exam results 🙂

    Hope you have a great day!

    Georgia ♡

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