Autumn Makeup Must Haves

Autumn is here meaning its time to ditch the bright pink lippies, put away the pastel nail polishes and start to apply our berry lipsticks and make our brows that little bit thicker and darker. Throughout the seasons, my makeup products change slightly, or I become more dependent on certain products. Today I thought I would share the products that are essential to me for the next three months.


Makeup Setting Spray

Although makeup setting spray is important all year round, I think it’s really important for this time of year when battling the crazy winds and unexpected downpours. Makeup setting spray will really save your favourite berry lipstick from smudging in the rain, making you look like you’ve eaten too many jam tarts or your mascara running so you look like you’ve just watched Marley and Me twice!

Darker lip colours

Autumn is the perfect time to bring out the darker lip colours, without people assuming you are a goth or gotten the wrong date for Halloween. I’m not one to wear very dark lips as I’m not too confident with them and I have very pale skin. However, I do love to go for a light plum lipstick, or even just a darker pink than usual. Just to feel a bit more seasonal!

Matte Powder

Over the Summer, I found that the trend was to have that ‘summer glow’ which resulted in lots of makeup looks looking very shimmery and dewy. But for Autumn, people aren’t looking for that ‘glow’ anymore, which is where my matte powders are used more than usual to achieve a really flawless finish.

Smoky Eyeshadows

For the past three months, I’ve been wearing quite neutral shades and some with a pop of colour for summer. Autumn is where we can bring out the smoky shadows during the day- and not just have to save them for the night. For blue eyes, go for copper, browns and orangey toned eyeshadows. For green eyes, go for browns and go down the burgundy route of eyeshadows which will make the green stand out. For you brown eyes- you’re very lucky as anything will make your eyes pop- but bronze and golds would look gorgeous!

Autumnal Nail Polishes

I honestly do not normally paint my nails as I find painting them difficult, my left-hand looks great and my right looks like a four-year-old has painted it! But, as I’m in college, I can wear nail polish to school and Autumn is my favourite season- so I’m putting in the effort this year! This summer, my go-to shade was a bright peach shade which was gorgeous, but for Autumn, I love going for reds, coppers, golds and purples!

A Good Brow Pencil

Autumn calls for thicker and darker brows. In the summer, I like to brush through a powder, but in Autumn, I like to define my brows really well and make them slightly darker. This means I have to have a really good brow product. My absolutely favourite product for brows is the Maybelline Brow Satin. On one end, it has a pencil which I outline my eyebrow and I make small brush-like strokes. The other end, it a sponge with a light powder which fills in any sparse areas. The sponge end can be used on its own for a more natural look- if that’s your preference.

-Tash x

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28 thoughts on “Autumn Makeup Must Haves

  1. I will need to check out the Maybelline brow satin as I suck at doing my brows😂 Maybe it will help me. And I’m the same with nail polish to! But I’m not allowed nail polish in school so it’s fine I guess. Loved the post! (And so jealous of your amazing photography) xxx

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    1. Thank you so much! The eye shadow palette is from Sunkissed and is really affordable! They sometimes are sold in Superdrug and are also sold in Savers too! It’s called the ‘Sunkissed 12 eyeshadow compact’, if you search it online, you can find it for about £2! The shades are really pretty, some don’t have the best pigment in the world but it’s a really handy one to have, and for the price it’s good to have! xx

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