Autumn Essentials

Everyone has items they could never dream of living without, it might be your favourite MAC lipstick, it could be that cute mug you use every morning for your tea or in my case- it’s my pyjamas! I find that throughout the seasons, my necessities change and there are some things that I couldn’t survive the season without. When it comes to Autumn, there are many essentials that I have, and today I thought I would share them with you!


Cosy PJs

Pyjamas are my favourite item of clothing. I wear them to bed, I wear them around the house and I sometimes even wear my pyjama top if I need to pop to the shop down the road (not my PJ bottoms- I think I’d feel a little self-conscious haha!). There is nothing better than coming home from school, work or being out and getting into some cosy pyjamas to warm yourself up. Almost all of my pyjamas are from Primark. This is because they are so affordable at around £8 a set and they are so thick, fluffy and have adorable designs on them. I already have enough, but I will definitely be buying some more this year!

Autumn Playlist

As I transition from Summer to Autumn, my music taste changes a bit. While rain is splattering against my window, for some reason an upbeat song like “Cake by the Ocean” just doesn’t seem to set the mood for me. I like to have more slow and relaxing playlists as they are perfect for waking up to, chilling out and getting ready for bed. I love the Spotify Playlist “Autumn Leaves”, it literally has no songs I know meaning I won’t get tired of them and they are so nice to listen to when the weather is a bit dull. The Album “Blisters” by Adam Barnes is also one of my favourites to listen to.

A Delicious Scented Candle

The reason why Autumn may be one of my favourite seasons is because I can finally burn some candles! In summer, I just don’t feel right to burn one as it’s already too hot! So, as soon as September comes, I get out all my candles! I love to go for warm and homely scents as on those cold, rainy days it makes you feel so cosy! I’m currently burning this Raspberry Sundae candle which smells AMAZING!

A Good Autumn Read

Due to the awful weather (which I secretly like, but only when I’m not outside in it!) it means I will spend more days inside. I love reading and in Autumn I read a lot due to all the spare time, so an essential for me is to have a couple of good books! I love to go for some of my old favourites like Harry Potter, but also some new books too which I am currently reading for school! There’s nothing better than reading on the sofa, covered in blankets reading while the rain splatters against the window!

Those are just four of my Autumn essentials, I do have more such as flu tablets as I’m always ill in the colder months (but I didn’t think that would look as good as a candle in the pictures haha!). What’s your Autumn essentials this year?

Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | T W I T T E R | L A S T P O S T



33 thoughts on “Autumn Essentials

    1. That sounds like the best shopping to do haha! Yes I have read the new Harry Potter book, the storyline is a little like the other book and all links-but it’s written like a play so I found myself getting a bit lost at times! I definitely prefer the other books but I just think it’s because I’ve grown to love them so much! But I would recommend reading it! xx

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  1. I’ve heard a few reviews on the new Harry Potter book and apparently it’s not as good as the rest? Some people say it’s confusin, what did you think of it? Lovely post btw x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I would have to agree and say it isn’t as good as the others and I did find myself a bit lost at times too! I just HAD to read it because I’m such a big fan! It was a good storyline but I prefer the other books much more! x

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