Autumn Nail Polishes

I absolutely love beauty and makeup products, however, the one thing I find I have a love-hate relationship with is nail polish. In my case, nail polish sometimes goes amazingly, but usually ends up going horribly wrong. It takes SO LONG to dry (even if it says it dries in 60 seconds…) and then chips or smudges a few moments later! Despite this, as I’m allowed to wear nail polish to sixth form, as well as the season inspiring me with all the beautiful colours, I’ve been putting in more effort when painting my nails. Therefore, I thought I would recommend a couple of my favourite SUPER CHEAP nail polishes!



Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint-shade 38

I’m firstly starting off with the most expensive of all my Autumn nail polishes and it’s this gorgeous one from Barry M. Barry M have some amazing nail polishes and have great ranges of colours and finishes. I purchased this nail polish last Christmas as it’s such a beautiful sparkly red- perfect for Autumn and Christmas! It is only £3.99 which is a bargain for such a good quality nail polish, I only need to apply one coat and it lasts me for a really long time. I really need to go back and purchase more because I’m IN LOVE!


Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish

Miss Sporty isn’t normally a brand I go for, however, I adore their nail polishes! This one I have is a neutral ashy-bronze tone which I think is great if you don’t want a colour that’s “too out there”. It is SO affordable at £1.99 and only requires one coat! The brush is also my favourite of all these products as it’s not flimsy and means I have lots of control over the polish, so it saves me from getting it everywhere! I also love that as it’s such a muted colour if it chips-nobody notices!


Makeup Gallery Nail Colour- Deep Amythest and Copper Kiss

The Makeup Gallery is a makeup line sold in UK Poundland stores which means that ALL their makeup is just £1! Although I don’t use the rest of the makeup, I can safely say that the nail polishes are fabulous! Firstly, out of all my nail polishes, they are the only brand that gives them names! I don’t know why, but I love when nail polishes have names as I think they are so cute and usually describe the colour SPOT ON! I do find that I have to do two layers of the lighter shades in this collection- but I mean for the price, it’s hardly a fault! I am OBSESSED with the shade “copper kiss”. I am loving copper at the moment and it being on my nails makes me so happy! I also love “Deep Amythest” as I think it’s so Autumnal and also perfect for Halloween!


Those are my four nail polishes that I have been wearing every day so far this Autumn! I think they are such beautiful colours and are perfect for the Autumn and Wintertime. Let me know your favourite nail polish colours and brands so I know what to buy next!

Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | T W I T T E R | L A S T P O S T


29 thoughts on “Autumn Nail Polishes

  1. Gorgeous photos as always! I absolutely LOVE all of these polishes! I am a nail polish hoarder and although I did cut down my collection I can’t resist still buying more of them! Barry M is my favourite brand of nail polishes and that colour screams Autumn! I also love the look of that makeup gallery one too!
    Amelia xx

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve had a big clear out of my makeup and nail polishes too, just so I can actually just have and buy ones I’m ACTUALLY going to use! I really suggest the makeup gallery ones as they are surprisingly great quality! xx

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  2. Really nice post!
    The polish colours are so autumnal and pretty, I just never have the time to do my nails properly as I always end up chipping or smudging it in seconds! Whenever I do actually put some effort into my nails (and not just roughly dab on some clear nail polish) I find that Brandy M nail polishes work really well and lasts for such a long time. 😄💅🏻

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    1. I have the exact same problem haha! I find the Barry M ones are the best out of these regarding how fast they dry! I think to prevent them smudging and chipping, we need to get a good quality top coat, such as an OPI one as apparently they keep your nails from chipping for ages! x

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      1. I’m usually ok with how long the Barry M ones last with getting chipped on random surfaces, but I never let them dry for long enough and end up trying to use my phone whilst my nails are drying. You can probably imagine how well this goes 🙂

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