British S’mores

Autumn and Winter are my favourites when it comes to food as everything is SO DELICIOUS! I love all things chocolate and warm and what I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER are smores! These are huge in America but not really a thing here in the UK as far as I know. Smores usually consist of two graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallows in the middle which is then melted over a campfire until it goes all gooey and delicious. For my smores, I changed a couple of the ingredients and made them in the microwave- as sadly I don’t think I could make a campfire in my back garden every time I wanted to make them!


For the smores you will need:

  • Plain Digestive Biscuits
  • Nutella
  • Marshmallows


Grab two digestives and spread some Nutella onto both of them. Don’t put on too much as otherwise it will go EVERWHERE! Then, put one marshmallow in between both biscuits. My Brother and I experimented with two marshmallows but they went EVERYWHERE, so trust me, you only need one! Place it in the microwave for 10 seconds (if you put it on any longer the marshmallow will be too runny) and then enjoy absolutely DEMOLISHING it!


I love these as they are incredibly messy, but so incredibly delicious! They are perfect for those colder nights and a great snack or dessert when bundled in blankets in the evenings watching television. These are the easiest desserts I’ve ever made and take about two minutes!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite dessert this Autumn! Please let me know if you have a try at them, they are so easy to do that I suggest you do! Happy eating!

Tash x

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28 thoughts on “British S’mores

  1. These look so delicious and tasty! Problem for me is that I am allergic to nuts. However, I made something very similar to this but instead of chocolate spread I just used melted chocolate. Loved thus post x

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