Minimalistic Jewellery

I never used to wear jewellery, maybe the odd pair of sparkly earrings for a party, or a pendant necklace if my outfit just needed “that little something”. However, recently I haven’t gone a day without wearing jewellery because it just adds so much to an outfit and some bits of jewellery out there is SO PRETTY! At the moment, I am loving minimalistic and simple jewellery as it’s perfect for every day and is just so dainty and pretty! Therefore, I thought I would share a few of my favourite jewellery pieces that I have been loving!

Gold Arrow Bangle


Recently, the lovely company Nini&Co said that I could choose an item of their gorgeous jewellery off their website and I was ecstatic as you can never have enough jewellery! I opted for this beautiful gold bangle which is really light and in the shape of an arrow. Besides, it being so simply stunning I also chose this particular bangle for a reason. I think it’s so lovely to have sentimental pieces of jewellery or pieces that mean something to you. As soon as I saw this bangle, I immediately thought of one of my favourite quotes “An arrow can only be shot by being pulled backwards. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So focus, and keep aiming”. I love that quote so much and it fits PERFECTLY with the bangle, so everytime I wear it, I now remember the quote and it’s just something that makes me so happy and encourages me to keep going! It also delivered so quickly and came in the CUTEST packaging! It’s so lovely to give a gift to a friend- or even just to treat yourself! I really recommend checking out their website as they have such beautiful jewellery!


Pandora Black Bracelet

For my birthday last month, my friends bought me this Pandora bracelet which I absolutely adore! It’s so simple and pretty, and as it’s black it practically goes with EVERYTHING! It only has some tiny silver detailing which I love, and this bracelet can have charms added to it, so you can have it as ‘blingy’ as you want! I love that it can really be personalised to you, but also looks great on its own! I have been wearing this so much and it’s just a bracelet I think everyone needs!


Rose Gold Necklace


Last weekend, I took a long awaited trip to Primark and may have done a little damage to my bank account- but they had all the Christmas clothes in; the jumpers, the pyjamas- I mean I couldn’t resist! While I was there, I had a look at their jewellery section as it’s such good value for money! I picked up this necklace which consists of three rose gold necklaces which are layered together, with only one chain, so you wear them all together. I love layering necklaces, but I HATE having to figure out how long to do each one and this does it all for you! I love how they all match but are slightly different, I know I’m going to wear this loads! Also, as I have a small obsession with all things rose gold and copper, I just HAD to pick them up!


So these are a few jewellery pieces that I have been loving recently. Although a statement piece can look gorgeous, I so much prefer dainty, gorgeous pieces like this as you can wear them anytime, anywhere! Let me know what you think of the jewellery!

Tash x

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