One-Ingredient Gingerbread

I for one am obsessed with all things Christmas from the festive tunes, the Christmas trees and the crazy jumpers-I love it. But, one thing that is THE BEST at Christmas is the food, I mean, we all know that we are ravenous by the time Christmas dinner comes around because somehow a roast always tastes better on Christmas day than any other day of the year. As well as the dinner, I’m obsessed with all the treats around Christmas, however, I sadly do not like mince pies and Christmas pudding, so I find other festive substitutes. Gingerbread, for me, screams Christmas and it tastes delicious but is SO LONG TO MAKE. Therefore, me being lazy as per usual has found the easiest way in the world to make gingerbread- from this premade packet that was about £1 (I know how amazing!).


I love using this pack as it’s perfect for those lazy days where you want to make something super festive, but do not have the motivation to become Mary Berry for the afternoon. All you have to do is sprinkle some flour on the work surface, roll out the gingerbread, cut out the shapes and pop them in the over. That’s it! Now I could sit here and say I chose stars for a particular ‘Christmassy’ reason, however, if I’m honest stars were the only shape cutters I had! But you can use whatever shaped cutters you want; the tradition gingerbread, Christmas trees or even a unicorn- you do you!


What’s great about this packet is that the gingerbread tastes amazing on its own so there’s no need to make any icing or decorate them if you are simply too hungry to wait! But, wanting to put in the extra effort on this particular day, I sprinkled some icing sugar on top to make it look like snow which looks SO CUTE! These are perfect to give as a gift to anyone-especially that ONE PERSON you have no idea what to get, just make sure they like gingerbread!


Although premade mixes never taste as good as the ‘real thing’, I think that these taste pretty good considering you need no other ingredients and it was only around the £1 mark! Just like Sainsbury’s, other supermarkets to premade mixes for gingerbread and loads of other desserts and snacks too so I really recommend picking a few up when you next pop into your local supermarket. They are perfect for those lazy weekends where it’s too cold to go out!


I hope you all enjoyed this quick and extremely easy gingerbread ‘recipe’, I have been using this for years now and I love it! If you do any Christmas baking this month- I HIGHLY recommend listening to Christmas music while doing so, just makes it ten times  better dancing in your Christmas pyjamas in the kitchen!

Merry Christmas!

Tash x



20 thoughts on “One-Ingredient Gingerbread

  1. lovely post, using this next year when Im stuck for ideas as usual, but Ive just about got the hang of mine this year (such a surprise!) x


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