Festive Film Favourites


There’s nothing better at Christmas than sitting on the sofa with your family, snacking on all the delicious family chocolate box sets (which I could probably manage on my own!) and watching a super festive Christmas film. I absolutely love Christmas films, there’s something about them that can make you feel so warm, fuzzy and smiley- they’re my faves, I would watch them all year round if I could! There are SO MANY Christmas films out there, in which I intend to watch as many as possible! But, today I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you all.



Elf is a family favourite at Christmas, pretty much the whole world has seen it, though it actually took me all the way until last year to watch it! Buddy was accidently transported to the North Pole as a baby and grew up with elves. He realised that he isn’t an elf (being about six feet tall was probably a big give away) and went to search for his real family and his biological Dad who is a businessman and lives in New York tries to raise him. There is utter chaos along the way and Buddy will put you in fits of laughter. It captures the spirit of Christmas perfectly while making you cry with laughter!



The Polar Express is an absolute Christmas classic which probably everyone has seen- if not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! But seriously, it’s a must watch. For a quick rundown of the film, it’s about a young boy who doesn’t really believe in Santa, but he goes on the Polar express, a night train that takes you to the North Pole to see Father Christmas and then back in time for Christmas Day (if only it was that easy in real life!). The film is full of heartwarming moments and hilarious moments too. The film is soooo perfect for Christmas eve as it really captures the Christmas spirit of presents, family, friendship and of course- SANTA! The music in it is amazing, it’s on my Christmas Playlist and I’ve been listening to it all month as well as watching the film!



MY FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS FILM EVERRRR! Arthur Christmas is the best Christmas film ever for me as it’s just so modern for our generation, but still has all the festivities and traditions of Christmas so you still feel warm and fuzzy by the time it’s over! This film is recent-ish as it came out in 2011 so I know that not as many people have seen it as other classic films such as The Polar Express. Nevertheless, it is just as good (if not better!). The film is based on Father Christmas’s family and just like here in the UK there is a line to the throne, in the film, there is a line to become Santa! After realising a child has been forgotten and not receiving a gift, Arthur makes it his mission to travel there and get it to her- even if he has to run into a few lions, wheelie bins and elephants along the way! It’s such a hilarious film and so so so perfect!!


This year I have been obsessed with this Christmas film! Along with so many, in Primary school, for our Christmas plays, we would usually do a Nativity. Sadly I was never Mary-usually an angel or banging a tambourine in the orchestra! As I’m 17, I’m in sixth form and I really do miss my Primary school days and the Christmas plays were one of the best parts; no lessons, learning songs and dances and putting on a show for the whole school and your parents. This film lets me relive all those memories. It’s about two rival schools who put on Nativities, both desperate for the five-star review in the local newspaper. One school never wins, however, the teacher somehow gets caught up in a lie that Hollywood is coming to see their Nativity. The film is full of such a cute child innocence, tearjerking moments and parts where you will laugh out loud. I looove this so much!


Those are my top four favourite Christmas films. There are so numerous out there but these are the ones that I will watch every Christmas as they are just so perfect! I hope you enjoyed reading about what I’m watching this Christmas!

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | T W I T T E R | L A S T P O S T

This is a collaboration with the lovely EmsiRose who is also chatting about her favourite Christmas movies on her blog meaning you get DOUBLE the suggestions so you will have enough movies to watch until Christmas- WHICH IS SO SOON!



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