The Shadow Switch​ Saviour

This year I have been really into eyeshadow. I find that it can really make a difference with your makeup and there’s probably a million and one different looks you can create. Whether it’s a super simple look for the day or a sparkly smoky eye for going out, I wear eyeshadow every single day.

Despite having so many eyeshadow palettes, I only have one or two eyeshadow brushes. This is sooo annoying as colours can mix up as if you use a dark brown shade, you cannot use the same brush if you want a change colour as they will mix! AH ANNOYING! However, the upcoming beauty brand Beauty Essentials has solved this problem with their new product the ‘Shadow Switch’.


The Shadow switch is a simple concept. It’s a dry sponge in a tin which you swirl your eyeshadow brush around in and it gets all the product out, so then it’s clean to use for a totally different eyeshadow so the colours don’t mix! At first, I was sceptical. HOW could this sponge get all the product out- I just didn’t expect it to work. HOW WRONG I WAS. I have used the Shadow Switch every single day since I got it and I know I will never stop- it’s amazing! I cannot explain how useful this has been when I’m in a rush doing my makeup, I only need one eyeshadow brush rather than two or three!

As you can see in the photos, no matter how dark or pigmented the shadow is, the Shadow Switch can get rid of it, leaving your brush all clean! It’s so perfect for any makeup lover and is a must have in my opinion, I now can’t live without it! It’s only £6 on Amazon and I personally believe it’s worth so much more considering how good it is. This is definitely one of my favourite products of this year.


I hope you enjoyed this little review of the Shadow Switch. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH, go treat yourself and spend a bit of your Christmas money on this life saver!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Tash x

I N S T A G R A M | T W I T T E R | L A S T P O S T

Thank you, Beauty Essentials for sending me the Shadow Switch to review- as you can tell, I’m a little bit of a fan!


15 thoughts on “The Shadow Switch​ Saviour

  1. We loved your review on this product it sounds amazing, so helpful. It would be lovely if you was to checkout our blog as we are new to blogging and only set up our page a few days ago , thank you xx


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