Battle of the Foundations: Rimmel Match Perfection vs L’Oreal True Match

Finding the perfect foundation is incredibly difficult. With all the different skin tones and types as well as the ranges of finishes and consistencies of foundations- it can be pretty difficult! I have always found it SO hard to find the right foundation shade, as I’m a little pale (okay, more like borderline albino) even the lightest shades can be too dark! UGH, ANNOYING! So, when I find a foundation that I like- I will STICK TO IT FOREVER!

I have used the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation for over three years now- THREE! It’s a hella long time and it’s really done me well. However, I’ve heard so much about other foundations and thought I would treat myself to another so I could compare it to my all time favourite foundation! The foundation I picked up was the L’Oreal True Match Foundation, and today I’m going to be comparing both of the foundations and see whether I will have a new favourite!


Rimmel Match Perfection

I really like the packaging of this product! It’s changed over the years (that’s how you can tell how long I’ve used it for haha!) and I love it! It has the classic blue pump which I like as you can quickly spot it in your makeup collection and the bottle isn’t too bulky! What I like most is the pump. The way it’s shaped means that no product is wasted and don’t become messy on the bottle!


L’Oreal True Match

I love how sleek the packaging is of this foundation, and I think it looks a bit more ‘high end’ than the Rimmel foundation. However, the way the pump is shaped means that when I squeeze out product, some of it tends to smudge around it meaning the bottle can get a bit messy. However, that’s nothing a makeup wipe can’t fix!



Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel have a total of 12 shades in their foundation collection which suits different undertones which are perfect for everyone as some of us have pink undertones, whereas others have yellow! Although their foundation shades are good, I have never found one that never REALLY matches me perfectly! I’ve always been in between two shades which has been a little annoying!

L’Oreal True Match

The L’Oreal range has DOUBLE the amount of shades that Rimmel have to offer with 24 SHADES! It matches 98% of skin tones which is SO AMAZING because it means almost everyone can find their perfection foundation shade! I am the shade 1.C Rose Ivory which is the lightest shade of the range, BUT IT MATCHES!! The L’Oreal brand really wanted to match everyone’s skin, and I think they have pretty much done that!



Rimmel Match Perfection

I really like the texture of this foundation as it is really smooth and creamy! The coverage is really good, however, I find that I need to have two pumps or more in order to get really good coverage. But, the foundation is buildable which I love as it doesn’t look too cakey and gives you the option of what kind of coverage you want!

L’Oreal True Match

This foundation is a little more watery than the Rimmel foundation. However, this has NO EFFECT on the coverage at all- in fact, I believe that the coverage of this foundation is better than my all time fave (crazzzyy!). Due to its slightly watery texture, it’s incredibly smooth on the skin which I love. I find that I don’t need as much foundation either as the coverage is SOOO GOOD! This means I get to save foundation, so it lasts longer- FABBB!



Rimmel Match Perfection

The Rimmel foundation is at the cheaper price of £7.99 which I think is SO GOOD for a good quality, drugstore foundation! What’s even better, is that Superdrug sometimes does a ‘2 for £10’ deal across ALL Rimmel products! So, I love to pick up two foundations, because it means I get one of the for only £3- BARGAIN!

L’Oreal True Match

The L’Oreal foundation is slightly higher in price at £9.99, which is still under £10 which I think is amazing! You can get an even better deal when Superdrug or Boots are doing deals across L’Oreal, for example, it was ‘3 for 2’ the other week, so I picked up two foundations and a gorgeous lippy! But this deal means, if you want to stock up on foundation, you could actually get a £10 foundation for FREE!


Both of these foundations are fab, I will definitely be re-purchasing both of them! However, I believe I have a NEW FAVOURITE FOUNDATION! The L’Oreal True match is the best foundation I’ve tried! It lasts alllll day, is INCREDIBLY smooth on the skin and blends like a DREAM! What I love by far is the shade selection and that I have a shade that matches my skin! I guess you could day- it’s a ‘true match’!


Tash x



22 thoughts on “Battle of the Foundations: Rimmel Match Perfection vs L’Oreal True Match

  1. This post helped me tones! I’m trying to find the best foundation for me since I’m just starting out with makeup, and I’m definitely gonna get the L’Oréal True Match! Would you ever consider doing more posts like this to help newbies like me?🙂💕

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  2. I’ve wanted to try true match for ages!! I’m currently a match perfection gal, though I have to say I don’t like it that much – the lightest shade doesn’t even match me! True match is gonna be my next try! X

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