W7 Cream Contour Sticks

Despite contouring being SUCH a huge thing for the past year, I’ve never really been into it. Partly because I had become attached to established ‘just brush bronzer wherever’ routine, and also the fact I assumed I would be pretty HERENDOUS at it! However, all things changed when I happened to run out of my absolute fave concealer (it was heartbreaking) and were rummaging through my makeup collection to get my hands on whatever would do the trick. Then I found my W7 contour sticks which I have had for SO LONG since they surprised me with a lil’ package ages ago! So, I decided to whip em out and I feel IN LOVE.


It’s a super simple concept. One end is a stick of concealer, while the other end has the bronzer stick. I KNOW the stick concealer may bring back the ’13-year-old buying her first concealer’ flashbacks and we’ve come far since then- but this one is GOOD! The formula is surprisingly really creamy, and is a DREAM to blend! I found that these are best blended with a damp beauty blender and give off such a subtle, contoured look! If the stick ever feels a little hard, I would put my hair dryer on it for a few seconds and it would be perfect! I like to draw dashes of the contour around my forehead, my cheekbones, down my nose and along my jawline. Then, for the concealer, under my eyes, down the centre of my nose and my chin! Then, BLEND-BLEND-BLEND!


The sticks come at the price of £7.95 which I think is FAB considering you are getting a concealer AND a contour in one! W7 offer four different shades; fair, medium, medium-deep and natural. I am SUPER pale and I’ve been using ‘medium’ for ages now and I have been LOVING using it every day! After I’ve applied it, I like to add a tiny bit of the collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes just to brighten them up as although the concealer is really good coverage, it’s not very bright on me (which may be due to having the shade ‘medium’ not ‘fair’). I then bronze up with my favourite bronzer- BOOM, DONE!


LEFT: Medium-Deep // RIGHT: Medium


I REALLY recommend checking out these contour sticks! Now that I’ve discovered cream contouring, I don’t think I’m going back! It’s such a fab product, perfect to throw in your bag and whip out whenever you need to. Mines definitely running out, so looks like I’ll be getting another very soon!

Happy contouring!

Tash x



27 thoughts on “W7 Cream Contour Sticks

    1. Thank you so much, Alice! They are just such useful little products aren’t they?! I’m definitely planning on having a little look into Freedom Makeup as I’ve heard so many good things about them! x


      1. BB creams are meant to be great for people who don’t want to wear lots of makeup or needs to quickly put it on! It’s basically a tinted moisturiser so it will give you some coverage, but will be easy to apply and moisturising so it’s great for beginners so I so recommend it! If you are struggling with blending foundation, I really recommend a beauty blender! I’ve had one for way over a year now and it blends so much better than brushes- a real techniques one is only around £6 and they last for so long!

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      2. Yeah. I think I might check out a BB cream, especially for when I go swimming or something, because I heard they also have sun cream in them. And I actually just got a beauty blender! Someone gave it to my mum, and she didn’t need it so she gave it to me. But if you wear foundation or BB cream, wont you need to also use other stuff? So your face doesn’t look 2-dimension and like all completely just that colour?

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      3. That’s great you got a beauty blender! They are so amazing, just make sure you wet it before using it so it expands and is nice and springy! And yes, you could use other products to give your face more shape- I suggest maybe investing in a affordable bronzer, blush and highlighter palette. This way to get to have three products in one and it will shape your face and add some colour to it too!

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  1. Lovely post! I really like the brand W7 especially the shadow dupes! I haven’t ever tried contour sticks like this so I think I might pop along and purchase this from somewhere as it sounds great! It might be better than me powder contouring! The formula sounds great too! Thank you for sharing lovely! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

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