What to do on the day of your exam

EXAM SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED. Whether you have already started your exams or have got them in a few weeks, I’m sorry to say that are basically here (eep!) Exams aren’t really my fave thing in the world, but they must be done and I have had a load of experience with GCSEs last year- and have got my A Levels in two weeks! By now everyone has done their revision (hopefully!) and now it’s just the dreaded countdown. I KNOW how horrible it feels worrying about your first exam, what it will be like, what’s going to happen, will the paper be hard…IT WILL BE OKAY! But I thought I would share some advice of what to do ON the day, to ensure it all runs smoothly!


There’s nothing worse than rushing in the morning packing your bag, and forgetting something! Pack everything you need the night before, so you have one less thing to do in the morning!


Sleep is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT so make sure you go at a reasonable time so you get 8-9 hours sleep! Do not spend all night studying because you will be hella tired the next day! A few weeks before exams you should start getting into a regular sleeping pattern, it really helps!


You are most likely going to feel a little stressed in the morning, so waking up just a little bit earlier may help. You can leisurely get ready and have a bit more time to revise and calm yourself down. Just five minutes can make all the difference!


I know your tummy will probably be in knots and you will feel as though you will not be able to eat anything- BUT PLEASE DO! Just have some toast or a banana and bring something to school with you in case if you get hungry! If you don’t eat, you could feel faint and your brain won’t function as well as it normally would- breakfast is brain food! PLUS, your belly could rumble in the exam! In my maths exam, I was so nervous I didn’t eat in the morning, and my belly was rumbling FOR A WHOLE HOUR IN A SILENT ROOM OF 180 PEOPLE. Eat breakfast, okay?!


The day of my first exam, I was SO nervous! I had all this extra energy that was making be literally shake with nerves. But when I was brushing my teeth, I put on some music and started dancing. I know I looked like a complete IDOIT, but it was fun and got rid of all that nervous energy! So, on every exam day, I danced for 2 minutes while brushing my teeth, it actually worked!


I went to school for early morning enrichment where we would revise with teachers and it was SO helpful! You can get advice from your teacher as well as work with your friends which will calm you down. I REALLY recommend it as I went to one for science and the morning of the exam we covered a topic I had never really understood, turn out that topic was the biggest question in the paper and I SMASHED IT as I just covered it that morning!


Ensure that you have all the stationary your exam requires with backup in case if pens run out! Have tissues, a bottle of water, a hair tie and all the other things you could possibly need- you never know! Also, make sure you go to the toilet BEFORE the exam, you only get a short amount of time and you need every second of it! You don’t want to waste 5 minutes because you were dying for a wee!


I know it’s easier said than done, but just stay calm. Take some deep breaths before you go in and know that you’ll be fine! It’s just like any exam you’ve taken before, just in a big hall with some strangers monitoring you. Everyone in your year is feeling JUST LIKE YOU, so you’re not alone! After the first exam, it gets so much easier and you get into the swing of things. As soon as you know it- they will all be over!

Those are my 8 top tips on how to survive the morning before your exam! I hope these prove useful as they worked out for me, and are exactly what I’ll be doing in May and June (so you can just imagine me dancing when brushing my teeth every morning!).

Good luck with all your exams, I know you’re all gonna SMASH EM’!

Tash x



26 thoughts on “What to do on the day of your exam

  1. I am in year 9, and although that is quite young still, I’m getting a lot of pressure about the next couple of years already. But this has really helped, thankyou so much! X

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  2. These are really helpful especially since my exams are nearing- ugh 😵 but anyway I just wanted to let you know I made a post discussing my top ten favourite bloggers and you are one of them!! Definitely check the post out😉

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