8 steps to summer-proof makeup

Summer is glorious and I love it ever so much, but one thing I DO NOT LOVE is the feeling of the makeup I spent ALL MORNING doing, practically melting off my face due to the blazing sun. Unfortunately, nobody- not even Beyonce, can rock the sweaty/melting makeup off the face look. It’s a situation we all wish to avoid, but somehow always end up in, especially when the weather is climbing into the late 20s degrees! So, after some research and some trial and error on my poor soul, here’s how your makeup is going to remain PERFECT this summer…



I am 100% guilty of thinking in the past that primers make no difference- because you can’t see them! However, over the past year, I have found that using a Primer makes my makeup look so much better, and last for SO MUCH LONGER! To be honest, you don’t have to splurge on a primer, a simple one from the drugstore will SAVE your makeup this summer!


Liquid products hold up a hell of a lot better than creams in warm and humid weather. So a BB or CC cream may not be the best thing to wear this summer. Wearing lighter foundation may be a good idea, but a foundation that is liquid and matte is the best one to go for if you want your base to last all day. I HIGHLY suggest using a damp beauty blender as this gives a light, airbrushed look- but gives loadsss of coverage!


It’s pretty obvious, but go buy yourself some waterproof makeup! A waterproof mascara is 100% a MUST in the summer, this means your lashes can look fab even when you’re swimming, but just in daily life, your mascara will last a lot longer and be less prone to smudging.


Skipping shadow and eyeliner might be a good choice this summer, as creased eyeshadow and panda eyes is a look that for some reason just doesn’t work for me?! BUT, if you do want to wear some, definitely go for an eyeshadow primer which will act as a glue for your eyeshadow. Also, go for a gel liner if you do want to use eyeliner- this will last SO MUCH longer!


After finishing your base makeup, apply some powder as this will lock in your makeup and make it last a hell of a longer time than without! BUT, if you get oily/sweaty during the day, DO NOT POWDER. All this will do is keep all the oil on your face, just underneath the makeup- which is NOT a good look! If you are prone to getting a lil’ oily, invest in some oil blotting sheets. These will remove the oil from your face, without taking off your makeup! THEN, you can add a little bit of powder!


Although you may LOVE that dewy look, makeup ALWAYS looks oiler in the summer because of the heat. So, maybe pick out more of a matte foundation or bronzer this summer which will still give you a super pretty, summer glow.


Skip using your favourite heavy matte lippy, and opt for a lighter lipstick. Your lips will REALLY thank you for it, and they have more staying power in the heat, and if they do melt off- they melt off a little nicer! Personally, I would go for a tinted lip balm, they hydrate your lips WHILE giving some colour- perfect! 


Setting sprays used to confuse the hell out of me- like WHY would you spray water onto your face?! BUT, having used one recently, all I can say is GO AND GET YOURSELF ON GAL! I am a huge fan of the L’Oreal Fixing Spray which is so light on my face, but makes my makeup last allllllll day- LOVE!  


There are 9 steps to ensuring that your makeup will last alllll day this Summer! We WILL NOT let the scorching heat ruin the flawless foundation you just applied or that cute smoky eye! I hope these tips have helped!

Tash x



22 thoughts on “8 steps to summer-proof makeup

  1. These tips are so great!! Amazing post – I’d also recommend a primer with SPF or getting a good suncream to sit under your foundation. I’ve found one which literally acts as a primer and is amazing x

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    1. Thank you! I can’t imagine having to be prepared for the heat all the time haha! Normally in England, we have to think more about how to keep our makeup looking good in the wind and rain haha! Thanks for reading lovely! xx

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      1. Hahah. Dealing with my makeup in the wind and rain is something I’m definitely not prepared for 😂😂. Also. I just filled out a job application for Sephora because one is opening in my city and one of the questions was who is my favourite beauty blogger and I put you down!

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      2. That is SO sweet of you, thank you so much- I really hope you get it! I’m actually posting next week about how to do well in a job interview- so hopefully that can help if you get an interview! Good Luck girly! x

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I was the exact same! I work in a restaurant which was something I honestly was actually avoiding, but I REALLY enjoy it! Good luck with your job search, hopefully next weeks post will help haha! x

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