7 ways to SMASH a job interview

EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! For the last two months I have been stressing my lil’ booty off about my AS exams, and I’m sure that all of you have been too whether you were taking your GCSEs, A Levels or even other exams! But now that they are over, Summer is on our doorstep which is the perfect time for a Summer job! The Summer allows you to have 6 BLISSFUL weeks of no school and just being able to CHILL OUT. However, it’s such a good idea to look for a job, especially if you are 16 and have just finished your exams! A little job is so amazing to have to get a bit more dollaaa in your purse so you can treat yourself this Summer!

Now, I have to say, a job is FRICKING HARD to get! I applied for SO MANY online and went for a few interviews. But I finally got one and I’m loving it! The interview is the essential part of the process- and I think mine went really well, well I mean I DID get the job! So, for any job seekers out there, here’s a bit of advice for you to SMASH your interview!


Ensure that you present yourself well when you go to the interview. We all know we shouldn’t judge based on looks- but the interviewer WILL judge you slightly if you are wearing your fave Converse tracksuit to an established company! Have a look at the dress code at their business and perhaps go for something similar. It’s best to go slightly smart as it shows your maturity and seriousness for the job!


PLEASE READ THE JOB DESCRIPTION. There would be nothing worse than being interviewed about a job you don’t know about, or something that you actually realise is TOTALLy not you! The job description will tell you what daily life will be like within the job role, which allows you to know what to expect! Based on the description, when answering interview questions, link to how your skills will assist you in fulfilling the role- it will show how good you are for that particular role!


I know this is so OBVIOUS, but it’s essential that you have some knowledge about the place you’re applying for. Have a look on their website on the ‘about us’ page to get some insight to the companies aims and familiarise yourself with things like their products. This means in the interview, you can show you ACTUALLY CARE about the business and then can relate to how your skills can make a positive impact on the business!


I was INCREDIBLY nervous about my interview, but I knew that if I showed I was very nervous, it can perhaps be a negative as the employer could doubt my confidence. So, I SOMEHOW managed to smile, laugh and be super confident in my answers! I just related back to what I knew and what I enjoyed doing! If you show you can engage in conversation well (without being TOO talkative mind you!), the interview will flow a lot more easily!


You may have some aspects that won’t help you out within an interview. For example, I had NEVER had a job before, being I had NO experience whatsoever! However, to put a positive spin on this, I mentioned how this just drives me more to gain experience and enthusiastic about having a job! This helps resolve the employer’s doubts and just gives them ANOTHER reason to hire you!


We ALL know there’s the inevitable ‘Do you have any questions?‘ at the end of an interview, and you sit there with your mind BLANK. Asking questions is really important to get more information, but also shows your interest in the job. Before the interview, have some questions ready in your mind to ask so you are prepared!


Everyone goes for interviews and will not make the cut. Even if you did absolutely SMASH it (which you totally will after reading this!), sometimes it’s just not meant to be. There is a job out there for you, and soon enough you will find it and be super happy- and hopefully, superrr rich haha! Interviews take practice, and the more you got to, the better you get!

Those are the 7 steps I made to smashing my job interview! Although having a job or a new one can be a bit daunting at first, they are great experiences and allow you to make a lil’ bit of money to treat yourself with! Let me know if you’re looking for a job this summer, or if you already have one and how it is as well as the interview!

Tash x




21 thoughts on “7 ways to SMASH a job interview

  1. These are brilliant tips!! I will definitely use them in the future! I’ve finished my exams and have been applying for jobs too! Congrats on getting your job, sounds like your interview went great!

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  2. These are really good tips! I’m hoping to look for a job next year after I finish my GCSEs so I’ll definitely refer back to this in the future x

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